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Digital transformation is changing the tech industry

Everyone knows digital transformation is happening, but it’s hard to know which new technology or innovation is going to be the one that upends your industry, opens up massive opportunity, threatens your company, or forever alters your role.

Do you know what your company needs?

We offer a custom-tailored service to help you figure it out. It combines journalism, research and market analysis to help you and your team understand the state of digital transformation and explore the key developments that will impact your employees and your business.

We call this our “Here’s the thing about…” service. Teaming up with the DX Journal, we leverage journalists, analysts, researchers and strategists to help your company get a full picture of:

  • What is likely to impact your industry
  • Your team’s readiness to deal with it
  • An in-depth look at major developments you need to pay attention to

How it works

This service is designed to give perspective on how digital transformation will impact your company. We present our findings in an easy-to-understand format breaking down trends for multiple departments and for every skills set with documented takeaways and action items.

Step 1: Research & interview process

Custom research on digital transformation trends impacting your industry, customers, and competitors. We can also do one-on-one interviews with your company’s executives, department heads or managers, employees and/or customers.

Step 2: Research presentation

Our team of researchers, journalists and analysts will present to your company in an internal keynote-style presentation to any size group — be it a small strategy team or an all-hands employee seminar. We’ll cover our findings, key trends in your industry and provide an overview of how well you’re set up to address challenges or embrace opportunities based on the employee interviews and leave you with documented next-steps.

DX is company-wide

Our clients are often leaders who are not technologists. In fact, many companies we speak with are surprised to learn how many areas of the business are impacted by DX, including marketing, HR, IT, sales, operations, legal, and others.

There’s no escaping that every area of a business is going to have to manage the change that digital transformation brings. Digital transformation should not be left for the IT department alone to figure out.

With that in mind, we’ve designed this report and presentation service for executives and managers in:

  • Operations & strategy
  • Human resource departments
  • Marketing and sales departments
  • IT departments

Contact us to discuss the thing about digital transformation and the tech industry