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The DX Initiative conducts original research to deliver actionable insights and learning to our members and clients. This exclusive content is designed for leaders who want to understand how to initiate digital transformation projects successfully, and at scale. Annual professional membership options will be opening soon.

DX research for your industry

Custom Research

Digital Transformation is a big topic that impacts all businesses, but how that impact plays out can vary drastically from one industry to the next. The DX Institute offers custom vertical research projects that can provide actionable information about your industry.

Sponsored Research

Engage your prospects and customers with research tailored to your industry. You get access to original branded research and, through our sister company, the DX Journal, the DX Institute can help ensure targeted exposure to an audience interested in digital transformation.

Research Subscription

Get access to the latest digital transformation research with our DX research subscription product. You'll get aggregate data from research across multiple industries and learn what works and what doesn't with real-world examples and case studies.

Get notified when we’re accepting new research projects: