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Digital Transformation and Technology


Technology might be the obvious part of digital transformation but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy.

Not long ago, it was enough to look for opportunities to add-on a digital component to your existing channels, or products and services. Today, customers expect a digital-first experience and your business needs a digital infrastructure designed to ensure leanness, agility, open new business opportunities, and lower cost.

The right technology, not the newest

There’s no shortage of new technologies that might have a significant impact on your business. Blockchain can improve the transparency of your supply chain through decentralization of authority. AI can conduct low-level contract analysis in the legal sector or improve fraud detection in finance and personalization in retail. And those are just a few trendy examples.

In many cases the biggest benefits to your business might come from understanding the value of more mundane technologies. For instance, technology most of us use everyday as a consumer, like cloud storage and wifi, can fundamentally change your workplace to improve productivity and employee satisfaction.

Cut through the noise

At the end of the day the biggest challenge posed by technology is keeping up with the speed of change and innovation in order to give your organization a competitive advantage. Management and IT are often too busy running the business to sort through constantly changing tech ecosystem. The DX Institute works with your IT and leadership teams to filter out the noise and focus on the technology that help you deliver business results.