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Digital Transformation and People


When you think digital transformation (DX), chances are you think about technology first. Blockchain. Artificial intelligence. 3D printing. Augmented reality. Some of these technologies were science fiction not too long ago, but many of them are currently deployed in ways your company may not have even imagined. The good news is that robots are not coming for your job and in most cases that won’t happen, at least not in the near term. DX is more about augmenting the workforce than replacing it.

Technology is actually can be simpler to figure out than how you manage a workforce. The DX Institute helps companies understand how technology changes what they need from their workforce, adaptations that might be required, and how to manage the people in a business that is going through change.

People — and more specifically people management — are often the most complex part of managing a digital transformation initiative. DX will fundamentally change how organizations recruit, develop, and engage their employees.

You have HR processes, and maybe even a whole HR department, that will manage your people. We can help you optimize for the new reality of digital.

Change management

An increasing number of companies recognize the need to rethink how they engage with their customers and employees, how they build and structure the workplace, and, in some cases, even what products they take to market.

The DX Institute works with organizations to apply a digital perspective to how they design, test and implement processes to manage change within a workforce. Managing change within a digital context might be very different from how your business has traditionally functioned.

Training & Skills

Training and skills development are investment areas for a business that deliver a notable ROI. Whether it’s new technologies or new work environments, there’s a need to help your team understand how to thrive in a digital context.

The DX Institute works with HR and executive teams to prepare workforces to scale, fill in gaps of knowledge and skills development. The pace of technological change isn’t going to slow, so training will be an ongoing feature of every business.


Whether you’ve realized it or not, who and how you recruit is changing. As your business evolves in a digital transformation context, the skill set of your people will need to change with it.

At the same time, the people your want and need to hire will change. You may have already hired a number of “digital natives,” but future workforces will be native in the world of augmented reality, virtual reality, the internet of things, blockchain or artificial intelligence.

The DX Institute helps companies figure out who they need, what to ask them, where to find them and how to manage them.


Time and time again we have seen examples of leaders who support a technology-driven change for an organization without thinking about how it applies to them, or without understanding the degree to which workflow and process are impacted. Whether it’s flexible workspaces, new collaboration tools, or emerging technologies, we help leadership teams assess the impact to work.

In our experience, every success story in digital transformation requires buy-in at the top. The DX Institute helps leaders understand how their employees work and identify new opportunities for digital.