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What is the DX Institute?

We are an external Chief Digital Officer for your small- or medium-sized businesses. We help convert traditional analog businesses into digital ones.

Not sure digital is a priority? It is. IDC predicts that by 2021 — that’s 3 years from now — growth in every industry will be driven by digitally enhanced offerings.

How do we help? The DX Institute provides education, research and thought leadership to help leaders successfully navigate the complexities of digital transformation projects. We take insights from multiple industries, interviews with CXOs and research projects and make them actionable for our members and clients.”


David Potter

David Potter

Managing Partner

In his role as Managing Partner, David works with CXOs, innovation executives, consultants and brand leaders to implement research- and data-driven approaches to managing digital and business transformation.

The DX Institute creates success models from which companies can build and manage digital transformation projects, including business strategy, talent development and human resources management, real estate and IT investments.

David has 15 years experience in the technology space and has worked in agencies, hardware and software businesses, and with consultants across Canada and the U.S.

Prior to the DX Institute, David lead Business Development for WORKshift Canada, an organization that helps companies adopt flexible work and manage distributed workforces. David has also held senior marketing roles with Citrix and Lenovo, where he managed national and global marketing programs.

Whether working remotely as part of a large global organization or managing a small distributed team for a Canadian SMB, David uses technology to get work done from anywhere while equipping others do the same.

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