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We’re clawing out of winter.

So, obviously, we’re all about the vacay RN. Since we won’t be on a plane anytime soon, we’ve found ourselves reading about how digital transformation is all up in the travel industry.

The hottest thing lately in travel is chatbots. Airlines, travel agencies, hotels, cruise lines and others are testing bots — often AI-powered — to answer customer questions, automate bookings, plan itineraries or make smarter recommendations. One bot we’d all love is a predictive flight data bot, amirite? For us consumers, chatbots will hopefully make the start-to-finish travel experience easier.

Another hot trend in travel is…you guessed it…cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Loyalty programs and luggage tracking could become a breeze with these two technologies. (Think about a decentralized ledger that follows your lost luggage.) So could the management of travel industry service providers, like insurance, food service or in-flight entertainment. All this could mean lower travel costs for consumers.

By far, our recent favourite travel-related discovery is KLM’s Google Home bot that helps you with your packing list. Sure, it’s a little clunky (make sure you’re yelling real loud at it), but with voice search on the rise, we always like trying out new uses for it.

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