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Your Chief Digital Officer

Some companies are born digital. Some companies build big teams to figure it out. We help companies in between to identify, navigate and accelerate digital transformation initiatives.

The DX Institute is an independent digital transformation consulting firm. We act as an external Chief Digital Officer for small- and medium-sized businesses to convert traditional analog businesses into digital ones. Because being digital is no longer optional.

While every company is different, and every digital transformation initiative is custom, we typically look at three key areas of every business:


People are often the most complex part of managing a digital transformation initiative so much of our focus happens here.



Taking a deep look at processes around how your company manages work, information, customers and employees.



Technology might be the obvious part of digital transformation but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy. And new isn’t always better.


DX Ecosystem

We work with DX leaders from across industry, government and academia to identify research topics that will provide actionable insight and thought leadership to help businesses succeed in their digital transformation initiatives.

$2 Trillion

in spending by 2020


see a competitive opportunity


are modernizing legacy skillsets


rely on third-party providers

The digital value may be either optimization – just efficiency – or full transformation in the form of growth. It is best used to invent something entirely new. This is critical because if your organization is not creating new digital business models, or new ways to engage constituents or customers, you are falling behind.

Peter Sondergaard, EVP & Global Head of Research, Gartner Inc.Source:

Without effective change management, digital transformation is dead in the water. If companies don't implement an effective change management plan, they cannot adapt to new digital technology, as well as the human and labor components.

Gianni Giacomelli, SVP, GenpactSource:

The lines between business and IT continue to blur, as next-generation technologies change and disrupt the way professionals get work done. Nowhere is this more evident than with the advent and growth of digital transformation

Mark Levin, ThemeNectar Conner Forrest, ZDNet

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